A warm welcome to Gerhard van Eck sculptures.

Gerhard van Eck sculpture studio is located 10km from the picturesque town of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa
Gerhard van Eck has become known by the ability of his work to capture inherent emotion and energy. His main focus is open air sculptures, focusing on the human anatomical balance and incorporating architectural, structural elements and designs. His work also expands into embedded art and the elevation of ordinary structures (e.g. walls, pillars, etc.) into sculptural things of beauty.
Gerhard creates in various mediums (e.g. steel frames shaped with plaster, resin mix and mercury-free urethane cold resin) and his recent explorations include life size sculptures of mold-casted concrete and hollow, cement fondue work for open air spaces. He also creates bronze sculptures per commission and his work is al adorned with the GvE signature.
Gerhard believes in the power of art to aesthetically enhance open spaces, whether it be private, corporate or public areas. His vision is a much greater number of Gerhard van Eck (GvE) sculptures in open spaces, making art accessible to people and beautifying the communities where we live. 

“I focus on poses and the anatomical balances of both human and animals to create a sense of movement and portray the flow of energy …” GvE

contact Gerhard: +27 73 5221905