“Since childhood I have been looking for ways to express myself, but it took me years to get to this point in my life where I fully grasp the reality of an artist soul seeking creativity to express the inner self outwards…” GvE 


Gerhard van Eck was born in Cape Town in the late 1970s. He spent his childhood years in the beautiful town of George on the southern coast of South Africa. Surrounded by mountains and the ocean, beauty and the power of nature was always part of his existence. Although simmering somewhere below the surface, art was far removed from his reality during those years.


Back in South Africa Gerhard commenced a career in the construction industry. His involvement in this sector provided widespread exposure to the planning and formation of various structures – experience that prepared him well for his sculptural journey.

Gerhard’s career as a sculptor commenced in 2009 when he exhibited his first work at G2 Art Gallery in Cape Town at a combined exhibition. He sold his first ever sculpture to an art collector during the opening night of the exhibition. There was no turning back!

From 2009 Gerhard has devoted himself to the development of his personal approach to figure sculpting. He has no formal art education, but spends many hours on experimenting with different mediums, studying the human anatomy and improving his technical skills.

Gerhard van Eck works are on exhibition in several galleries in South Africa and has been sold to art collectors from South Africa and abroad. Gerhard works extensively on private commissions: “The process of understanding what a client wants to express and then creating a piece of art that will bring them joy for years to come is highly rewarding.

contact Gerhard :+27 735221905